Flint United Announces Partnership with Rapid Reboot


FEBRUARY 25, 2021

Flint United Announces Partnership with Rapid Reboot

(Flint, Mich.) – Flint United Basketball Club is partnering with Rapid Reboot to assist with player recovery. Rapid Reboot was founded in 2016 after years of research and development that is still continuing today. Their medical compression systems are FDA-cleared and proven to be efficient and effective. They are working to push the boundaries of human performance with our team of elite athletes, and make advanced therapies more available to more people. Rapid Reboot focuses on boosting circulation, eliminate soreness, and accelerating muscle recovery with efficient compression massage boots, hips, and arms systems. 

Flint United is looking forward to partnering with Rapid Reboot to ensure that our players have the best recovery process possible post-game and practice. We are looking forward to having our players use Rapid Reboot to stay in tip-top shape and perform at their peak with the use of Rapid Reboot. 

About Flint United Basketball Club

Basketball and the City of Flint have been synonymous with one another since the early 1960s. As we, Flint United, enter the landscape of the city it’s our responsibility to continue this legacy. from building a championship pedigree to being heavily immersed in the community, our mission and presence will be undeniable across the state, the nation, and the league. Flint United was launched in October 2020 and is scheduled to play our first game in March 2021. 

About The Basketball League   

The Basketball League (TBL) is dedicated to delivering a world-class professional basketball experience to Flint and Genesee County, local basketball fans, and its business partners. With over 20 teams across the country, TBL is introducing a new source of entertainment and unifying competition to each community in various markets. 

For questions or interviews please email: info@flintunited.net


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