Flint United Basketball Club: Draft Picks and Jersey Launch


MARCH 1, 2021

Flint United Basketball Club: Draft Picks and Jersey Launch

(Flint, Mich.) – With the third pick in the first round of the 2021 The Basketball League Draft, Flint United has selected Karl Harris. He is a 6‘5“ wing from Chicago, Illinois. Harris is an alum of De La Salle High School and he is a graduate student at Northern Kentucky University. He spent time at Northern Arizona where he was redshirted before making the move to Northern Kentucky University. 

Flint United Head Coach, Charlie Bell says, “Excited to have Karl who had an excellent day of camp we were impressed with his athleticism and toughness. And, being from Chicago, which is BigTen country, [Karl] will definitely have a big impact on what I want to do and how I want my team to play and represent The Flint United.”

With the 33rd Pick, in the 2nd Round of the 2021 The Basketball League Draft, we have selected Ja’Myrin Jackson of Flint, Michigan. Ja’Myrin prepped at Lansing Everett and continued his career at, Lansing Community College, before pursuing his professional basketball career.

“It was shocking to see Ja’Myrin still on the board when we made the pick. He’s from just up the road, played in some big games at Everett, and really set himself apart at the combine this weekend. We’re excited to see him in camp,” said, Team Market Owner, Kevin Mays II.

Additionally, this week Flint United launched their home and away jerseys. The home jersey is a white pigment with the traditional Flint United logo. While the away jersey is black and features the “Flint Vehicle City” arch located in the heart of Flint. The meaning behind the team colors is as follows:


Black: Strength, power, and authority on the court

White: Representative of a new beginning

Goldenrod: A measure of the best, quality, and excellence

Red: Determination, passion, and love for mankind

Green: Growth and prosperity


Kevin Mays II, Team Market Owner states, “We wanted our uniforms to be a clear and true representation of the City of Flint. This is Flint. This is Flint United.” 

About Flint United Basketball Club

Basketball and the City of Flint have been synonymous with one another since the early 1960s. As we, Flint United, enter the landscape of the city it’s our responsibility to continue this legacy. from building a championship pedigree to being heavily immersed in the community, our mission and presence will be undeniable across the state, the nation, and the league. Flint United was launched in October 2020 and is scheduled to play our first game in March 2021. 


About The Basketball League   

The Basketball League (TBL) is dedicated to delivering a world-class professional basketball experience to Flint and Genesee County, local basketball fans, and its business partners. With over 20 teams across the country, TBL is introducing a new source of entertainment and unifying competition to each community in various markets. 



For questions or interviews please email: info@flintunited.net


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