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Get In The Game!

Basketball is not just a game, it provides young men with opportunities to make a difference in this world. The young men we employ through our team, are men of character and held at a high standard. We empower them to be better men by supporting them in all aspects of life. We are more than just on the court, we are family. We take the time to make sure they are given the proper guidance and support. Whether it be with educating them on finances or workshops on parenting, we provide these young men a chance to develop themselves as a whole person. By sponsoring our team, you are contributing to making a difference in these young men’s lives. The paychecks they receive allow them to continue to achieve their goals as well as provide for themselves and their families.

All sponsorship packages include social media advertising, which is thousands of additional eyes to see your business, a link on our website to your website so fans can easily find you and access to hundreds of fans each game. This season we have 12 home games providing your sponsorship dollars to be seen and heard in front of over 1,000 fans in attendance each game. By partnering with Mesquite Desert Dogs, we do our best to make your advertising dollars count! When we go into the community, we make sure our fans know who supports us! When we give back, you give back.

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